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Dapper Alice Textiles

Most of my designs are a mixture of digital collage, paper collage and paint.

To me textiles are more than something you just sit on or wear. I see each piece as a chance to own a little piece of art, and my designs will often deliberately blend these two aesthetics.


If you purchase via my Dapper Alice Etsy, all fabrics are pure Panama cotton, are printed in the UK, using Eco-friendly pigments and are machine washable.

New collection: 'Doon the Rabbit Hole'

Taking inspiration from all things Op Art.


I grew up with an abundance of psychedelia around me, and spent quite a few happy hours being dragged around Op and Pop Art exhibitions when I was young (which is where I first experienced Bridget Riley!). I also have a bit of an obsession with dots (hello Yayoi Kusama!), so this collection was a joy to put together. It's supposed to be contemporary, but with a retro 60s edge.

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