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Dapper Alice is a unique boutique focusing on bold and bright patterns that bring you into a design wonderland"

- The List

I've always had a fascination with pattern and the way the repetition of almost anything can create something beautiful or visually interesting.


I was born in Shoreditch, London, and spent my life there until my semi recent move to Glasgow. The house I grew up in was eclectic to say the least, and I was surrounded by a whirl of wonderful art, cushions, bedspreads, lampshades, curtains and many other creative delights. To me they were all magical, bold, playful and brimming with a unique vibrancy that gave each of them their own individual story. 


Inspired by this lifelong love of pattern, I signed up to a 3 year textile design course at Glasgow Clyde College. It was there that the bones of Dapper Alice were formed.


Since graduating, I have been focusing on growing Dapper Alice to be a brand and business that represents me, both creatively and ethically.

I am now lucky enough to run Dapper Alice full time.

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