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"Online shopping: because it's frowned upon to be in a store with no bra, sweatpants and a glass of wine."

- anon


A new start for 2024! So my selection is currently a bit sparse.

Untitled design(10).png

I shall be updating and adding products daily though, so please do check back!

Statement on Etsy (for those in the know or wondering).

Some of you will remember my hospitalisation last year and my subsequent appalling treatment by Etsy, which made me very publicly shut my shop for close to a year. The decision to use them again is based on two factors.


One, that the financial squeeze they were putting on some sellers (myself included) they got into SO much trouble for, they have been forced to retract it as a practice. This means the financial risk I was unable to take with them has now been mitigated.

Secondly, I worked my ars* off to get my shop to where it was, and until I have the traffic (and time!) to build my own website, I have gone back to them to appease all the customers constantly asking me when I'll be back online! And also to welcome my new face to face market customers (hi y'all!).

So, my initial statement on Etsy's behaviours absolutely still stands, but as stated above, they were forced to change their ways, which means I am happy to sell with them again - for now!


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